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Migrated to

I’m not sure if anyone who links directly will have noticed, but now redirects to my new domain at . I’ll likely be futzing around with the templating some so that it’ll be more consisent with the rest of the site. That does require that a “rest of the site” exist as well, though, so the re-organizing might take awhile.

Also, if anyone is subscribed to this via a feed, would you mind giving me a tip about whether that still works or not? I don’t see why not, but it’d be good for confirmation.

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Kevin, welcome to the world of having your own domain.

The next thing you’ll have to do is to migrate all of this stuff off Blogspot onto your own domain … which will probably make moving to WordPress more sensible. There’s a fair bit of documentation on how to do this.

In the meanwhile, using FeedDemon, I previously had a feed autodiscovered at . I just tried again, and have an autodiscovered feed at .

Thus, it appears that both the old feed and new feeds work … although only the new feed is autodiscovered.

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