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Today’s Lesson:
[Time mouth feels disgusting] = [Time playing tuba] ^ 5

With a bit of help from Miss Julie, I am going to begin my story blog again very soon. I’ll post again when that happens. This time, I’ll make an actual effort to start something that makes sense and might go somewhere.

So I went in for my Senior Pictures today, where I saw pretty much only familiar faces (as my mom mentioned to me beforehand, they do these things in alphabetical order by school, so I got to see all my good “H” and “K” friends). I guess I shouldn’t be shocked, but I was fairly impressed at how efficient they are, with the fake dickies and such, along with the quickly modifiable sets, allowing for a range of environments within minimal space. It did strike me as a bit ironic at how hard they try to make us “pose”. I mean, the point of pictures are for memories, and well, a lot of pictures are made in artificial scenes(on a random note, I watched a really funny prank online: they lined up a bunch of ppl for a “picture” against a wall, then ppl above them dropped bags of flour onto them.). Everyone knows what I’m talking about: you’re at a banquet or HC or something, and someone waves you over for a picture, so they get the camera out, you pose, they snap a pic, then another camera, etc etc. Those always seemed to miss “capturing the moment”, though. Getting that picture when your best friend is in the middle of their craziest dance move, or getting that picture as someone is making a basketball shot: that’s the moment, that’s what you want to ‘member.
So ‘neways, back to senior pictures. So they work really hard to get you in the perfect light, having you tilt your head a little more left, then a bit more, then a bit more. You have to grab the chair loosely, with your fingers barely draped over, but not too much. But I guess that’s their job: making an unnatural pose seem as elegant and natural as possible.

I finally got the Clone Wars DVDs. On Cartoon Network, they had run a couple shorts that help to bridge the gap between episodes 2 & 3. While they were enjoyable, and definitely set the situation up for Revenge of the Sith, I can’t say I thought it was brilliant. I’ll admit, Star Wars is pretty awesome in animation: there are a lot of things you can do with it that aren’t as feasible in live-action performances, and they are a lot of rules of reality they can break. And it works; cartoons are suitably unrealistic in their own sense, as 2-d representations of real objects and people, and while your mind is working to make that real, it really does fudge the little things, like watching jedi fall hundreds of feet, and not busting open their feet when the impulse comes from hitting the ground (that’d be a pretty funny blooper though: imagine the sound effects if they took the real effect of that fall…). Perhaps it was better when it was separated, but a lot of it seemed kind of out of place/not quite right. For example, it may just be me, but it always seems like they overplay Anakin’s rashness and impulse, even in the real moobies. I understand that we see a lot more of him than the other characters do, and that I do know where it’s going, but you would’ve thought they would’ve seen this coming a bit earlier though. Well, if you want to watch it, I’ve got them and could use the company.

So I finally gave in: I got a facebook. As a fervent believer that high school facebook is just a “wannabe” club (well, I guess it’s for good reason; in a lot of ways, I “wannabe” out of high school and into college), I held out, but due to commitments for work, I had to get one to stay “in the network”. If you have one, tag me (so I don’t have to tag you; make my life easier). And someone invite me into the “Taylor ’07” network; I’m still only associated with my work network, and facebook, with good security concerns, has made it a pain to try to get into networks (my email is in my blogger profile, accessible in the upper right).

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