"Overtoasted" Part 1

So I realize I haven’t stuck much to my weekly plan for updating my blog. I could write a real post, but I think I’m going to punt until after finals finish in 2 days.

For my “Humans & Machines” final, I had to create some creative product and do a write-up on how it relates to class themes. For mine, I wrote a detective story, in the same style as the one I wrote before (and would like to forget). I’m decently proud about it, because unlike any blog writing, I determined the ending and plot ahead of time, so it actually makes sense and goes somewhere.

And so it will appear on the internet for all of you to read as well. I’ll be posting it to my dead story blog and linking it to here. For all future parts of it, that’ll happen as well at the end of a normal blog entry here, so don’t bother checking the other blog for updates unless you see it here first.

And so I bring you, “Overtoasted”, beginning here.

(Comments always appreciated!)

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