Politics are for Losers

Jenkins snuck into the top row of the forum, far above any Senators.
“That’s Senator Gaius Agrippa talking right now,” explained Publius Fabius. The Emperor had insisted that Jenkins have an escort around the city, and so Fabius found his way into an “important” ambassador position.
Jenkins looked down at the man at the podium. Short, yet imposing, Agrippa seemed to have the full attention of the Senate. His voice rose and fell with vigor, becoming more and more absorbed in his words. Of course, Latin class was never required at the Naval Academy, so Fabius began to translate.
“…major economic opportunity. We have the world at our hands, with the tools of the next generation in hand. Rome was destined to rule the world, and so we must continue that dream… well, that’s anything important he might have to say.”
“Well someone is enjoying this. Of course, the British Empire is destined to rule the world. We have a saying that we have the empire on which the sun never sets.” Jenkins smiled at this idea, then continued.
“Does he truly think that the world would so easily bow to the demands of a small country like this one? It is of no matter, of course. As the Arrow War has proven, those unwilling to deal on our terms face worse.”
“Well, I’ve never heard of such a war, yet I do know that Agrippa is convinced. He leads the strongest of the factions in the Senate, representing most of the most wealthy individuals on this island. The other important faction is led by Marcus Liberius, who you will also soon hear speak. He represents what many feel is a more cautious ideal.”
“What about those who want to remain isolated?”
“The next biggest, of course. A recently formed faction, they, led by Titus Priscus, have only begun to gain attention as an important group. Remain careful when dealing with them. Some have alluded to shadier dealings at night concerning them. And that Priscus just gives me the chills.”
Jenkins thought on this briefly. Apparently his poor timing had earned him a position as ambassador to the British Empire, and he with what the Emperor had told him, he could only wonder as to his role in this unraveling puzzle.
“AND YOU, Captain Jenkins!” Fabius cried, in clear English. He pointed up directly at his unaware target. “What can you tell the outside world? What do you think we should do?” With a smile on his face, Fabius gestured for Jenkins to come down and take the podium.
Jenkins was mildly shocked.

(Author’s Note: a little short, but a promise is a promise. I realized after reading the previous entries that none of the characters really had much character, and I really didn’t know where I was going with this. I’ve already started writing down more concrete ideas on what’s happening with this, so there’s a good chance that the coming entries will revise some of what’s already presented.
AD, of course, owns my life right now, but after the 24rd, I promise to make a real effort at keeping this going.)

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