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Reflecting on a Blur

Honestly, I can’t really ‘member what happened last week.
Had library duty on Tuesday(though not Monday, thank goodness) as usual, which sucked, as usual. Shelved a bit, then had the wonderful chore of shoveling kitty litter into balloons to be used as juggling balls for an upcoming event.
My partner at library duty quit because of that. Double sucks.
I finished up painting the downstairs last week after suffering through more Family Feud. Have I ever mentioned that daytime television sucks? Either a meaningless talk show(endured about 5 mins of Oprah one day, then turned it off), soaps, news(actually watched that one day, more on that later), or dead game shows, which sadly came out at the front of the pack.
But about news, I watched all that stuff about the bombings in England. Terrible stuff. Them terrorists seem to be doing a good job of keeping us off-balance, because for all of Bush’s “efforts” to fight terrorism(I’ll avoid delving deeper into that so I don’t offend ‘neone), apparently the international community didn’t see this one coming. With the Olympic bid and G8 running… that sucks. For what it’s worth, condolences to ‘neone affected by this.
Continuing(but not forgetting that), by finishing downstairs means the tough work comes. This part involves very tall ladders(2 story ones) and what my mom supposes to be scaffolding to paint over the staircase. I’m so gonna get myself killed.
SAT practice continues, and it’s been interesting. I’ve managed to do pretty well, but I’ve been listening to some of the stuff ppl are saying(and reading a book right now, actually, that says the same) that Testmasters and PrincetonReview are giving these crazybutt strategies for them to use. Par exemple…
Apparently just about everyone is saying something along the lines of “Don’t read the passage; just go to the questions and then go back to the section you need and get the answer”.
You might think it’s one of those things that may sound really stupid upfront, but ends up being in reality a brilliant technique, but I’m willing to 2nd guess that.
Let’s think about this; they say it’s better to take a shortcut. I’ll admit, shortcuts can help if you’re pressed for time, but honestly, if you’re willing to go through the effort to go to classes or read a book about this stuff, you’re probably smart ’nuff to at least have time to read the passage once through. But past that, there’s so much more to it. By reading the entire thing at once, you actually pick up a lot of things like tone and connotations and such that can help you when it comes to answering those section ones. Even those dinky “This word means” can get a lot from understanding the whole passage instead of 2-3 lines. What if the author used those 2-3 lines as complete sarcasm? Oops, looked like some idiot picked the opposite answer. Continuing, I’d like to cite an example of stupidity from the book I’m reading.
“Since the SAT includes easy, medium, and difficult questions, on which type do you usually spend the least amount of time?” They say the correct answer is “difficult questions” because your time is better used on the medium and easy ones. Okay. Let’s think about this.
Imagine the days of pain behind us in Holycross. You’re working through a test, and there’s a question that’s like, “2+3=”. Easy(I hope), so you answer and move on. Then theres one like, “3X+4Y=15, 5X+4Y=25, solve for X”. Might take a second longer, but it should be pretty easy. Then the test continues with an ooc question that requires you to augment a 5X5 matrix.
Which would you spend the most time on? The one you know you got right or the one you actually need to work out?
I find it very interesting as well that the book I’m reading often uses the words “Most students”. Well thanks, but if I’m going to spend my time reading your trash, I really hope it applies to me. ‘Neways, ’nuff of that.
So I guess my hilight of the week was getting my RPG group together. Quite an adventure, actually(hahahahahaha…), but there isn’t much to tell. At least, nothign that most ppl would care about.

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