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Firefox is still being a pain, so I’m stuck using IE again. The horrors…
Well, we’ve finally started my mom’s project to repaint most of the house. We’ve had it for awhile, so I guess it’s time. Started with the dining room, which I managed to finish in a day. Yellow, as my mom has always liked her dining rooms. Definitely gives a different quality to the room.
The rest of the bland walls on the first(and hallways of the 2nd) will be turned blue. While I’ve managed to avoid ‘ne major accidents so far, I feel that Mr. Roller and Ladder will conspire to get rid of me. Painting is at least an interesting diversion from wvr other unproductive stuff I would be doing. In reality, it doesn’t take that long, and my mom isn’t particularly strigent about the schedule about it, simply reminding me that “eventually, it all needs to be done”. It’s going to take quite awhile, still, with all the random walls and stuff, and we’re supposed to do 2 coats. On a side note, I got a chance to “watch” Family Feud while painting today. That show sucks. I thought it’d be like, 2 families beating the stuffing out of each other in a game show-Jerry Springer like fashion. Instead, I get to “enjoy” the stale wit of Richard Kairn as we figure out what the most common idiot answer is. Fun. Sort of.
So I had gone in for SAT practice 4 days in a row this last week, and for sure it’s too much. That 4th day was heck. Fortunately, I think I’ve managed to gain a bit of consistency. But ‘neways, the real story. So I woke up that 4th morning with a terrible crook in my neck. ‘Membering how the last time that happened that it had simply been a flat pillow, I looked to adjust my arrangement. My 2 pillows that I stack(much more comfortable, for me at least) seemed no lower than usual. I made some small changes for the next night, not feeling particularly better when I realized another possible source. As we all know, test-taking sucks. Tests suck… and it’s uncomfortable. After sitting for 3 hrs in a plain room, hunched over a booklet and answer document, your body hurts like heck. Especially your neck. Problem solved, though I feel that it’s going to be a recurring problem this summer. Only 3 times a week from now on, thank you very much…
I had my tuba lesson on Sunday, which was quite interesting. While my mom usually sits in on them, she hadn’t this time, and my teacher was in an… interesting mood. See, he had just gotten back from Louisiana no more than a 1/2 hr b4 I arrived on his motorcycle after it broke down the night b4. While normally a 5 hr drive, it was on the fritz, so every 10 mins, he’d have to cool it down for 2. In ‘ne case, he was midly POed, so we blew through my assignment, moving from one to another without a care, all while he cursed many foul terms I dare not repeat under his breath. The ultimate moment of… interestingness came when I was having trouble on a particular scale drill. So he’s like, “This is just an A scale. Play it! It’s easy, it’s like” *insert gesture*. “Forgive the expression. Play it.”
Btw, the gesture… reminded me of Derek’s story of Mr. Fin… and the soap… and the graduated cylinder.
Went over to the Janda’s last night for dinner with Truby(who happened to give me a ride in her very spiffy motorized vehicular device). Had Hot dogs and hamburgers over a very interesting dinner conversation. Perhaps I’m overstating the difference, but Janda-waving-his-big-heavy-baton is very different from Janda-who-spouts-on-about-disney-moobies. Very interesting dinner, followed by one of the best Disney moobies ever: Emperor’s New Groove. Even though it wasn’t based off a traditional tale(as far as I know) as many of the most successful Disney flicks are, and it doesn’t quite have the whole singing-musical deal as the others, it’s one hilariously awesome moobie with quite a few interesting moments, as was pointed out to me. After that, headed over to Starbucks with Truby and Jane to hang for a bit and talk, which was just as interesting as usual.
Oh, congrats to Jane for having a new cousin.
Well, today is the 4th of July, and frankly, I’m not quite feeling the festivity of it. I’m not too sure what I was expecting, seeing as I’m still a Canadian citizen, but I don’t think the feel of it has quite caught on. Trees in the backyard obscure the fireworks that are pretty much the same as b4. I honestly think having the 2000 celebration so early relative to when I came here really ruined the rest of them after that. I mean, that one was pretty flipping awesome, and I haven’t seen ‘nething close to it. I’ve abandoned my fantasies for pyrotechnics, though I know many who will cling to it year after year. Seems a waste to spend so much money on stuff you plan on blowing up ‘neways.

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