Rock and Hard Place

“As far as prisons go, this isn’t bad at all.”
Jenkins looked around, where his entire landing party sat, stood, and lay. He stood in a decently sized room with what he assumed was a connecting washroom behind it. The cots seemed clean, the food seemed unpoisoned, and his men seemed healthy. Things seemed okay.
“Captain, doesn’t matter what it looks like. Prison is prison, and we have to break out,” voiced Fry. “I’m awfully suspicious of this whole deal, and the sooner we can get back to our ship and far away, the better. Ah, of course, it’s entirely your decision,” he finished, with a subservient look in his eye.
Jenkins ate another grape-like fruit. He savored it flavor while he spun to address his second mate.
“Fry, since I’ve known you from the Academy, you’ve never liked being locked up, whether in the brig, or in your room for your own safety. Regardless, you are correct. It is my decision, and we are staying here.” This elicited a mixture of relief and ire from the four other men in the room. “Until then, we wait.”
The door creaked as the guard let Fabius in, who hastily came through as the door closed right behind him.
“Good news, I hope?”
“Not so,” Fabius responded, with much apparent concern. “The Emperor, of course, wishes to relay his apologies, especially to such a new guest. Unfortunately, he can give no time for your expected release. I shouldn’t be surprised if you were to be held here for several weeks.”
“Weeks!” one seamen exclaimed. He jumped up from his cot with an angry look. “We’ve got a ship sitting out there waiting for us! Who knows what they might do in weeks! I certainly don’t want to get stranded on this god-forsaken island.”
“I can understand your concern, but that’s all I can tell you. As much as I sympathize with your predicament, I do have my allegiance to Atlantis, and you are simply a hazard.” He glanced over at Jenkins. “Sir, I hope you aren’t offended by my behavior. Now, I must leave. You are welcome to enjoy your accommodations here. If you should need any entertainment or food, simply make a request to the guards. One will address your concerns quickly. Ah, and don’t think of escaping. Obviously, the guards can hear your every noise.” He bowed, knocked on the door, and made his way out.
Everyone sat quietly for a moment, when a storm of outbursts began.
“This is an outrage, Captain!”
“Who in the world is he trying to fool. These Atl-“
Jenkins let the storm run its course, walking over to the window where the guard stood for his request. In a moment, the guard returned with a stick, and Jenkins took it, and walked over to the middle of the room, where he wrote into the sand,

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Not as much a writer’s block as the fact that I just don’t want to write. I’m not invested enough to do significant research on the material or work over my drafts. As such, I would write, and then just be unhappy with the results. Maybe I’ll have a change of heart. Don’t bother checking back here; I’ll mention in my main blog if this gets updated.

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