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The Break is… broken

Of course, break is over, and it was back to school today. Which was an extremely dissatisfying feeling.
The pattern for breaks is quite amazing: the week before, we’re ridiculously anxious for it, making it a really painful week. The week of, we kick back and have a blast. We’re supposed to use it to gather ourselves and rejuvenate for the rest of school. The first day back, however, just ends up sucking, because you don’t want to come back. It actually sucks just as much as that previous week. It’s like sleeping in, only to suffer the day after because you couldn’t get to sleep the night after sleeping in.
I, for one, am in quite a quandary. What you just read is more a comment than an expression of my own feelings. If I look unhappy, then you know something is seriously wrong, and for me, getting back to school was just kind of “blah”.
Simultaneously, I think I’ve caught the college bug. This past Saturday, I went up to Rice for a play with some family friends. Not sure if it was just looking around me, or if it was the crazy St. Pat’s party going on not so far away from where we were, but I’m starting to feel that “get the heck out of high school” thing.
At the same time, high school stuff is picking up as we run towards the end of the year – most particularly, APs and UIL. And for those, I doubt I’m going to find myself too ready. Kind of wish I had more time for those.
The funny part is, this all makes sense in my head. Thank goodness for doublethink.

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