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Some Homecoming

I got home from Toronto just two days ago (Monday). For only two weeks with my life carried on a hard disk with me, it seems like an awful lot has changed.

An annoying, but not critical, change has been the lack of my mac. All you mac haters, rejoice: there was one flaw in my computer. You can look at the only pictures in my flickr of the problem. There’s a (currently) cosmetic flaw with it, as part of the case is coming apart, so I brought it to the local Apple Store to get repaired.

Instead of using that, I’m now back on my old, trusty Dell, sitting in the game room. It’s not unfamiliar to me, but I’d rather have my mac. A couple good things have come of it. I got around to finishing NOLF2, which was worth having finished years ago. My work hasn’t been slowed down, thanks to my external, and I’ve rediscovered Microsoft Office. NeoOffice, the mac os port of OpenOffice, doesn’t quite do it for me.

Past my computer woes, everyone’s gone. Thanks to trimesters, I’m sitting around at home while my classmates are off at college.

Definitely the weirdest part is knowing that ten minutes away, from 730 to 335, kids are doing the same thing I did for the past 4 years. I’ve been going to the JET band hall to practice tuba, and they’re having rehearsal as usual.

For the longest time, it didn’t really feel like I had graduated. I could’ve gone back to Taylor for another year, those classrooms and characteristics were so familiar. I’ve finally moved on, accepted that high school is at its bus stop, and college is about to put its fare in. With me, I carry the world I’ve known. It strikes me as so odd that, well, high school still exists.

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