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Who decided that “oversight” should have two opposing definitions? They’re not complete opposites, but close. I thought this was a nice find on the answers page for it:


Definition: care, supervision
Antonyms: ignorance, neglect


Definition: failure, omission
Antonyms: attention, care, recollection, remembrance, success

Oh well. Who really cares, anyways.

I had the wonderful opportunity to see the Rice campus on Labor Day. I hitched a ride with Erica to meet up with Willie, Kiri, and Neil, who were kind enough to keep us from wallowing in our lack of college.

The campus is very nice. It’s plopped in the middle of Houston, yet it has that academic, almost aloof feel to separate it from the world around it. We walked from picturesque streets with canopies of branches to a toaster-like dorm, with an array of architectural styles in-between.

Even now, I find it amazing that they’re less than an hour into town. Physically, they’re not that far, but the sphere and idea of college seems foreign, far away. This is likely my own fallacy, as my own college experience will take me across the country.

While driving to Toronto, I realized how misaligned my personal shape of the world is against its actual geographical shape. Houston is the closest sphere. The major surrounding cities, like SanAn, Austin, and Dallas are another, being less than a day’s drive. The rest of the US and Canada is another, as that would take a road trip, of which my family is so fond, though we’ve (fortunately) not had many recent opportunities. And past that are the wonderful trans-ocean flights.

It seems reasonable, until I realize that it may take an hour to get across town, while only 5 minutes to Target, and yet they’re in the same sphere. Rice, as I mentioned earlier, is an anomaly, set far away. Mexico, though only a couple hours to the border, is as close as Mars.

I guess my world is based more on the method of travel than distance, but they correspond. Roughly.

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