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Because I know some of you are extremely curious, I got deferred from Harvard.

So I’m wondering why more kids aren’t scarred young. Think about it.
1) Parents tell their kids that Santa exists and brings presents.
2) Santa’s elves make all of the toys.
3) Santa brings toys, like Legos, video games, whatever is cool in Barbies, etc.
4) Many of these are owned by large, prominent countries.
5) There are nasty branding laws against passing off facsimiles of such products.
Now, I think kids usually find the hole in the first premise: that our parents are dirty liars, and when we grow up, we have to do the same thing. I don’t know how cruel your parents were, either, but apparently it happens that parents have face-to-face serious talks about things like this, often resulting crying. Fortunately, my parents just kind of let my sisters and me figure things out for ourselves.
But what would happen if kids faithfully trusted in their parents? Well, then we have a problem. Yes, Santa is the biggest criminal mastermind in the world. Not only does he break into people’s houses, the speed limit (of physics), and steal sustenance for his own eating problems, he’s also running an illegal factory in a secret hide-out, heading the production of massive quantities of goods. Society would have added to a religious holiday a dangerous precedent, where we openly defy the fundamentals of a properly working economy.
Fortunately, economics and government are taught senior year. So sorry for the kid who doesn’t figure Santa out before then.

Leaving for China and Singapore in 4-5 days, I think. Sounds like fun. Tell me if you want something.

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