What I Did This Past Summer

Sorry for the lack of content, but most of my blogging has been for TUSB, so head over in that direction if you’re really so bored. This particular post is another cop out but hopefully interesting. For the symsys forum in less than a half-hour, I’m giving a 5 minute summary of my summer so that the department knows that they know that all of the summer research interns have something to show for it. I prepared some, and in case some of you are curious what I do, I recorded a practice run of my presentation. Feel free to send along any questions or thoughts on it. My enthusiasm might not be so great in the video because I recorded it pretty late at night, but I love talking about this sort of stuff. Enjoy.

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@kkleung I enjoyed your Youtube video on serial search via scanning, in both content and form. On the “what I did this past summer” content, I can appreciate the computer science that you’re doing., On the form, presentations as web movies are a way of providing better access to content.

I’ve been running a class in Finland, where I’ve been requiring students to blog their reflections. On the upside, it’s worked out well, as I’m getting feedback on the content that students are and aren’t learning. On the downside, I really need to train those students who choose to blog one hour before class that they should expect immediate responses.

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