high school life

Why Willie r t3h r0x0rz

(21:33:33) Willie: i do
(21:33:41) Willie: but i have to do like full time
(21:33:42) me: what do you have to do
(21:33:50) Willie: sat, study, sat words
(21:34:01) Willie: and its supposed to occupy all my time
(21:34:19) me: i see
(21:34:22) me: but dude
(21:34:26) me: you are required
(21:34:28) me: to do 4 hrs
(21:34:30) me: for ad
(21:38:01) Willie: ya thats like blaaaaaaaaaah
(21:39:23) me: ?
(21:39:31) Willie: u know
(21:39:40) Willie: broken mic
(21:39:48) Willie: lens flare
(21:39:59) Willie: half-dog half-cat
(21:40:08) Willie: overripe banana
(21:40:25) Willie: scratched cd
(21:41:04) me: uh
(21:41:04) me: what?
(21:41:10) Willie: damn
(21:41:13) Willie: u know
(21:41:15) Willie: fudged
(21:41:18) Willie: hate
(21:41:24) Willie: biachj
(21:42:03) Willie: it hits u in the head with the bat
(21:42:07) Willie: like that ug
(21:42:14) Willie: pens out of ink
(21:42:19) Willie: pencils snapped
(21:42:20) Willie: no lead
(21:42:26) Willie: chipped plastic
(21:42:41) Willie: notebook paper tore from the notebook that also has the cover half torn off
(21:43:01) me: lol
(21:43:07) me: what does that have to do with ad?
(21:46:03) Willie: well when u take the art test, u take out the pen and remember that ur suppoesd to use pencil for the scantron. then u use the pencil and it snaps. then u use the mech pencil but no lead, also u hit the edge on the table and the part of the clip comes of so it says “ic” instead of “bic”. Then in frustration, ur foot slides over the notebook under ur desk and tears half open the cover, and some torn notebook paper flys out. You get disqualitifed from the test.
(21:47:36) me: lmao
(21:47:48) me: lmao
(21:48:00) me: i still don’t get how that relates to AD though
(21:50:37) Willie: it just does dude
(21:50:41) Willie: u must accept that
(21:50:44) Willie: the
(21:50:45) Willie: then*
(21:50:54) Willie: u shall find the true path to enlightenment
(21:50:55) Willie: ……z
(21:52:20) me: okay

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