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Sorry for the Delay

I actually really don’t have an excuse. Thanks for giving me a break though.
I’m not really sure what to write about. Which is why I’ve probably been delayed. Welcome to a medley of thoughts.

If you haven’t seen the footage of Sam McGuffie, then you must. Search YouTube (accidental plug) for him. That first one with the hurdle is quite famous. The three against us aren’t as, but they were darn incredible in real life. The video with the cut doesn’t really do him justice. The last move against the defender in the corner was a lot better in real life. And if you missed that game, you seriously missed out. I don’t feel it’s proper for me to comment on my attitude towards the outcome of the game, but McGuffie definitely made it worth it. And I’ll miss band.

So break is cool. I’ve managed to keep myself relatively busy, but in a really good way. Instead of tagging the timecard at James E. Taylor High School from 700 AM to 330 PM everyday, I get to sleep-in. And it feels really good. I know I don’t have it as bad as others, but for the past couple weeks, I’ve been having to get up for something everyday, so letting my biological clock take over has been most therapeutic. Unfortunately, come Monday morning, I’ll forget all about the wonderful rest and groan just as much as I did.

A lot of my companions have groaned a lot about college apps and such recently, and it seems well-founded. I hate the idea of my life being dependent on a series of text areas and 2-3 text boxes, but it’s necessary. Besides, knowing me, whatever I do, I’ll rationalize it ten years down the road as the best possible decision I could have made. Regardless, I’m having fun with these. Not in the “I’m going to write these in crayon because affirmative action says you have to take me, bitch” sense, but the opportunity to write a nice, creative essay feels great. I can write a personal, casual piece, instead of working out implicit differentiations on natural logs or formal, structured critical analyses (what’s the plural there? FF spell-checker isn’t helping me) on novels. While painful, I’d like to think that I’ve gained valuable insight into myself by trying to put my motivations and ideas into words. True, I’ve procrastinated like crazy to avoid doing these, but it’s happening, and I don’t mind.
What is pretty cool about apps though is summarizing life goals in 2-3 lines for scholarships. Go Texas. Thank you for reinforcing my view of you.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving. (that is proper adjective-holiday agreement, right)
And good pickings on Black Friday.

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