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Baking Ted Lasso’s Biscuits

Don’t worry: I won’t spoil Ted Lasso season 2 because I haven’t seen it myself yet.

However, I did enjoy season 1 enough that I wrote a blog post about it. In fact, I think Ted Lasso might have been contributed to setting this goal: if Coach Lasso could find time to bake and make it a delight, I could, too.

A few weeks ago, Julie linked me to the official Ted Lasso Biscuit (AKA shortbread) recipe. The Kitchn pretty much has all of the preamble I would do, so let’s get to baking.

Step 1: gather the ingredients, which is mostly a lot of butter

The powdered sugar is in the ziplock bag hiding behind the mixer bowl.

While the mixer was going, I greased my pan. I got this square metal pan from my mom, and by the looks of it, I suspect she has had it for awhile as well. I usually prefer to use my Pyrex glass baking pans, but this recipe called for metal.

I also used my mom’s trick of keeping the butter wrappers and using that to grease the pan. It wastes less, cleans up easily, and works perfectly.

With only four ingredients, the recipe is quite easy. I let the butter beat for awhile.

Then basically just added everything else. I think this picture is after I had incorporated the powdered sugar but before I had mixed in the flour sitting on top.

The dough was quite crumbly, but I did my best to spread it evenly into the pan. The pan then goes into the fridge to chill while preheating the oven.

The recipe called for scoring the pieces, but I completely missed that step. Instead, I baked, then pulled it out to cool for awhile, then checked the recipe. That’s when I realized I was about a half hour late, but it cut cleanly anyways.

Overall, I thought the recipe was fine. I might have baked it a little too dry, but otherwise, the flavor was fine. I don’t think it jumped out as being the best shortbread I have had, but that’s what I get for believing a fictional TV show.

If you want to live the life of a TV character, you can find the recipe on The Kitchn

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