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My Favorite Things (with Evidence)

People love to share their favorite things. They write gift guides. They sing songs about them. They form committees to publish lists. They will bore you endlessly at parties. However, most of that is just talk. To really know what someone’s favorite things are, they need to put their money where their mouth is: what […]

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Life at a Magic Tournament

(Note: if you actually want a tournament report and specifics about what I played, head over to my other blog) Last weekend, my roommate Tom and I woke up early, hoped in a rickety white van, and drove across the bay to Oakland to participate in Grand Prix: Oakland, one of the competitive, open, official […]

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Working Hard? Hardly Working, sometimes

When I need to get work done, I sit in the chair I’m sitting in now and go for it. True, my room and computer do provide many potential distractions, but I have all of my comforts here as well. I could go to the library, but I feel like I work well enough here. […]