Resolutions, Schmesolutions

I could “scrooge” the time-honored tradition of New Year’s Resolutions, but I know other can more effectively ridicule the process (mr. castles), and I don’t think it’s a bad idea on the whole, if perhaps inaccurately named.
Encarta Dictionary Tools says that a resolution is “determination: firmness of mind or purpose”. Now, we all know that 99% of all NYR fail. And yes, I did just make that statistic up, though you know it’s probably accurate. Regardless, we can agree that a large majority do fail, most due not to external circumstances, but a lack of will to complete it. Well that doesn’t sound like a “firmness of mind or purpose” at all. In the end, NYR are things that we hope to change, yet often are mired by short-sighted impulses. Therefore, I will make my own New Year’s Hopes, hoping that I’ll find the will to implement them.

Study More
I must say, for the few times I truly, truly got down to working and studying for school, it was darn incredible what I managed to do. Unfortunately, I manage to fool myself with studying, which is completely different, and significantly less effective. Now I know that many of you are crying out something like, “NERD. You’re a loser. You probably study a bunch right now.” Well, I wish I did. I’ll admit, I’ve had it pretty easy. My grades are very good, yet I know they could be better. It can’t hurt.

Practice More
Same thing, basically, but for tuba, not school. Both last year’s S&E and this year’s Region Band have basically been 1 week’s worth of practicing. True, I had looked at the music for both for over a month beforehand, yet most of it was just playing the parts I liked/played pretty well, which is worthless. When I actually practiced an hour’s worth of real practicing, it was incredible how much I could get done. Now if only I did that all the time…

Screw Around Less
Well, that kind of goes along with the others things, but it sounds different to me. It’s been pretty sad when I think of how much time I’ve wasted this break doing, what is in the end, nothing. I could have been much more productive getting ready for the SAT in less than a month or wvr, but I haven’t been doing as much as I should. I need to be more productive, which can be solved with the next Hope.

Find More Productivity Outside of School
Most of the work I do (which is little) can be directly related to school. Even AD, number sense, and CSC stuff is all related to school. That stuff does suck, and I probably will continue to avoid that, but if I’m not doing that, I should still be productive. I have my Java RPG to work on, books on quantum mechanics to read, etc. I definitely need to invest myself in those more, so I can actually get around to learning something.

Go to Sleep Earlier
Sadly, this one has already been broken. Oh well. Regardless, I’d like to get back into the schedule of hitting the sack at 930-945 (since it takes me a bit to actually fall asleep). While I do go to sleep much earlier than many others on a regular basis, in the end, I’m still tired in the morning, and it’s a self-perpetuating cycle. Begins at the beginning of the week. Sunday night, I stay up late, either because I’m not tired because I slept in and “caught up” from the week before (which really doesn’t work), or I have hw to do. Wake up for school tired, nap during classes a bit, and whine about it. Go home, screw around, do hw late, making me go to sleep late. Happens all week until the weekend, when I “catch up”, creating later bedtimes due to later wakeups, and only exacerbating the situation. True, this way, I actually go to sleep within 5 min of getting in bed, but it just doesn’t sound healthy.

Being Nicer
I realize that all of the above are for myself, so I’ll make an effort to reach out a bit. Now, I don’t think I’ve ever really been “mean”, per se, but I am a very sarcastic person. I know that often, in my more pragmatic states, I’ve been a little…uncaring to others. I also know, that just like everyone else, I also laugh behind others peoples’ back (though I always try to do it in a fun, non-harmful way). So, I will attempt to be more sympathetic to others, because even if I am just poking fun at you in a sarcastic way, mebbe it does hurt at some level.

And with that, have a Happy New Year’s, and good luck with your New Year’s Hopes.

Why Willie r t3h r0x0rz

(21:33:33) Willie: i do
(21:33:41) Willie: but i have to do like full time
(21:33:42) me: what do you have to do
(21:33:50) Willie: sat, study, sat words
(21:34:01) Willie: and its supposed to occupy all my time
(21:34:19) me: i see
(21:34:22) me: but dude
(21:34:26) me: you are required
(21:34:28) me: to do 4 hrs
(21:34:30) me: for ad
(21:38:01) Willie: ya thats like blaaaaaaaaaah
(21:39:23) me: ?
(21:39:31) Willie: u know
(21:39:40) Willie: broken mic
(21:39:48) Willie: lens flare
(21:39:59) Willie: half-dog half-cat
(21:40:08) Willie: overripe banana
(21:40:25) Willie: scratched cd
(21:41:04) me: uh
(21:41:04) me: what?
(21:41:10) Willie: damn
(21:41:13) Willie: u know
(21:41:15) Willie: fudged
(21:41:18) Willie: hate
(21:41:24) Willie: biachj
(21:42:03) Willie: it hits u in the head with the bat
(21:42:07) Willie: like that ug
(21:42:14) Willie: pens out of ink
(21:42:19) Willie: pencils snapped
(21:42:20) Willie: no lead
(21:42:26) Willie: chipped plastic
(21:42:41) Willie: notebook paper tore from the notebook that also has the cover half torn off
(21:43:01) me: lol
(21:43:07) me: what does that have to do with ad?
(21:46:03) Willie: well when u take the art test, u take out the pen and remember that ur suppoesd to use pencil for the scantron. then u use the pencil and it snaps. then u use the mech pencil but no lead, also u hit the edge on the table and the part of the clip comes of so it says “ic” instead of “bic”. Then in frustration, ur foot slides over the notebook under ur desk and tears half open the cover, and some torn notebook paper flys out. You get disqualitifed from the test.
(21:47:36) me: lmao
(21:47:48) me: lmao
(21:48:00) me: i still don’t get how that relates to AD though
(21:50:37) Willie: it just does dude
(21:50:41) Willie: u must accept that
(21:50:44) Willie: the
(21:50:45) Willie: then*
(21:50:54) Willie: u shall find the true path to enlightenment
(21:50:55) Willie: ……z
(21:52:20) me: okay

Life on Break

So what would the average male teenager do given several days of basically nothing? Video games, of course.
It’s kind of sad how much time I’ve invested in them. I can’t say that CS:S leaves me with the most satisfying feeling. Neither do I feel ‘ne smarter for doing it. And I’ve spent way too much time for it to be a simple “escape”. About the only thing I get out of it is knowing that my twitch reflects are a little better, and that my headshot is just that much better.
Sad, isn’t it?
Well, I guess my break hasn’t been entirely unproductive, as I know many will understand. SAT prep is obviously high on my list (though probably a greater worry for my mom than me), so I’ve gone in to Testmasters to write a few tests. My private lesson teacher has prescribed a “warmup” from the LSU tuba teacher that involves 5 different types of scales, 2 tonguing excercises, 3 lip slurs, and 2 finger excercises. Takes about an hour right now, and by the time I’m finished with that, I’m finished. I’m currently working on a Java program that will end up being a fully designed RPG, but right now, work is slow. If you don’t know much about Java, know this much: it’s impossible to make it look pretty. The GUI (graphical user interface) designed by it is probably the biggest pain known to man, and even though full documentation exists for it, it’s really written more as a reference than a teaching tool. In ‘ne case, that’s going to take quite awhile, though I could use some help on it. I need someone to draw little pictures in Paint for me. And someone who knows RPGs to write up a default campaign.
Christmas was also relatively uneventful. Although we did have our usual Christmas Eve dinner with family friends, that’s about it. My nuclear family was all here, which was nice, but my dad was constantly, literally, on conference calls with work. My grandparents, who usually come in, didn’t this time for reasons I’m sure I know but can’t think of at the moment. Regardless, it was a bit of a surprise, though there’s not much I can do about that. My sister and I didn’t hold up our tradition of waking up early to drink hot chocolate and watch a movie because, well, we didn’t have ‘ne good movies to watch. Seeing as we had all of the presents known in advance and such, there wasn’t much to present unwrapping. With so little accessible family home, the rest of the day (after the, about, 1/2 hr of actual “Christmas”) was like any other. I spent a couple hours reformatting (and my total comes out at 4 that I’ve done in the past 2 weeks) and putting apps on a computer that we’re donating to Evan, who’s apparently been suffering with a sucky one for the past however long.
As much as I know that there’s a good chance I won’t like it, I’m extremely anxious to see my report card. The anxiety is definitely the worst part of it.
So that’s my break. I hope yours is more exciting.

5 down, 3 to go

Well, the fall semester of jr year has ended, and, boy, I’ve never been happier.
They always say that jr year is the toughest, and even with a light schedule, it is worse. Tolerable, but worse.
Exams were too bad in that not bad until something happens on my report card sort of way. Exempting band, cs3, and pre-cal, I took both of the exams for my AP classes, which went okay. History was a joke, and English wasn’t too bad, except for a section on figurative language that had me baffled. And I need an 87 to get an A in that class. We’ll see what happens.
So I finally got around to reformatting my computer for the first time in the 4 years I’ve had it (that means I wiped the hard drives and reinstalled everything from drivers and windows up). If you just use your computer for the internet and whatever, it’s no big deal, but if you do ‘ne sort of gaming or intense comp work, I highly suggest you do. You’re supposed to do it bi-annually (at least once a year, if you’re lazy), though I’ve always put it off since it sounded like too much work. Well, just a couple weeks ago, one of my neighbors gave us a “dead” computer, knowing that I knew a little about them, for me to try and fix. With a bit of work, I figured that the comp was fine, but it had a fried hard drive. So my mom, figuring to give the comp to my sister, who has a dying comp, bought a new hard drive for it. Well, this new hard drive happens to be bigger than my secondary (if you ‘member, I got a 2nd hard drive a couple weeks ago). So, since my sister doesn’t need all the space, she suggested that I rip out the one I had and take the bigger one, giving her the smaller one. So then I figured that I should reformat. And I just wasted about 30 s of your life in a meaningless story. Well, regardless, if you haven’t reformatted, it’s great. I’ve loaded almost all the software I had before, and yet my C drive has about 10 gigs less of stuff on it (beats me). My registry is surprisingly uncluttered, and my startup has about half as many processes as it did before. It’s glorious. A very nice performance difference.
Yesterday was great. I came in for my 8 mins, getting to both sleep in and not stay for an exam. Just before school did end, however, I came back since we were supposed to play nerd football. Wow.
I normally ask around and get at max 10 ppl. This time, I picked up mebbe 4-5 ppl on my way out to the field, where we started an okay 6v6 game. Then someone would come. And they wouldn’t stop. And suddenly, there were 24 ppl. We ended up splitting up into two games since we had so many. Tons of fun, even as cold as it was.
After that, I went over to Bobby’s house, where I did a Magic draft with some friends (if you don’t know what that is, it’s okay; it’s a nerd thing). It went fine, and I came away with some good merchandize, though it’s unlikely we’ll do it again. How sad.
Today was Tuba Christmas. If you don’t know what that is, a bunch of tubas and euphoniums get together down near the Galleria to play a concert. Unfortunately, we had had predictions of freezing rain for today, so it scared off the Casserlys and Janda. And UT happens to still be in session, so Mark M. and Will D. couldn’t come back, and Andrew K. is on a cruise or something. And then Johnson slept in (apparently they tried to wake him up, but he wouldn’t; he claims he has no recollection of this event), so we had a grand total of 1 alumni: Heumann. It was a disappointing event since the rain kind of screwed it up, and without alums, it wasn’t a great nostalgic journey either. Oh well. At least Chili’s was fun.
So with that, have a Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas.

Competition: When One’s Sucess is Another’s Failure

Region Band sucks. And I made it too.
Very rarely do I use my blog to b*tch, but I feel the need to do it this time.
So as I said, Region Band sucks. People spend months practicing three etudes, and it all comes down to (what should be) less than 10 mins worth of playing. You sit in a room and are judged by 5 people you don’t even get to see the faces of, and for all the effort you’ve put it, you know any one of a thousand very possible variables could completely screw you.
The full range of emotions always come out. I’ve seen the people happy about making it, the people happy about not, the (one) people sad about making it, the people sad about not, the people who don’t care about making it, the people who don’t care about not, the people who pretend to be sad about making it, the people who pretend to be happy about not, the people happy about a miscalculation on results and get in, the people sad about the miscalculation on results and knocked out (pwned!), etc etc.
And you know that everytime you scream in joy, hug your friends, high-5 for having made it, there’s someone sitting there watching you who didn’t, and it makes them feel like crap. Those are the people who had made it last year, section leader, and so on, and something, anything, happened, and they didn’t make it. Yesterday, I saw at least 5 people who looked like they were going to apply the knife to the wrist as soon as they got home.
And you know that no matter what you say to the disappointed, it isn’t going to make them feel better. Honestly, giving them your pity probably makes them feel worse; if you felt like crap, would you want someone trying to not make you feel like crap, therefore confirming your belief?
Everyone gets so hyped up about Region Band; well, at least if you’re in Band, you’d understand. This is it. This is the big meterstick of band. Your chance to show up your classmates, the kids at the other school, and your band director’s expectations. It’s the best way to get a letter jacket, another symbol of pride as you line your sleeves with those circular black-and-white patches.
Your call: whether you made it, or didn’t, or don’t even care, what I says doesn’t matter.

And on that note, I will begin my anecdotes.
So after having not practiced for a week because of AD, I viciously attack the week before exams, knowing that I have rehersal/concert mon-thurs, region on fri(possibly sat), a slew of important tests, final reviews, and a lot of nailbiting to come. The band concert was okay, though the orch one wasn’t so great (in that you probably would never notice unless you were looking for mistakes), but I’ve come to accept that. As far as I know, I did fine personally, and I was definitely the coolest kid at the orch concert, being the only one with a Santa hat on the entire stage. Go me.
Grades were an interesting story (for others, not me, thank goodness). In Shellum, I need an 87 to run away with an A. While I should be writing my massive 40 pt essay, I’ve been taking it easy for the past 4 hrs instead. With an absolutely magical grade on my last pre-cal test, the B (OMG!) that I had has turned into an A, so my exemption is definitely safe. History should be fine, for I have Irish’s old exam (email me or something if you want a copy) as reference, and my grades are good ’nuff to survive (and coach said everything just short of basically giving us our current grade as long as we took the exam this semester, which is definitely a lifesaver). AD was interesting.
I pulled away with a 96 on my “exam” (ie districts), and other A kids ‘cept one, a B kid, and I got A’s for the class. But that was it, for the “easy 5”. Scott, a definite paradigm shift for Taylor AD, has managed to implement real grades for AD, so just about everyone else is jacked. Which is stupid. True, grades should be accurate, but all it’s going to do is screw the team. Of the jrs, who wants to take AD if it’s just going to bring down your GPA and suck up 4 hrs (required) a week? Unfortunately, negative incentives is not the way to go for AD, since it is so easy to get out of it. I won’t be the one to complain to Scott, but it’s still a problem.
And I tied DNev on a math test. W00T!!!!! Take that!

So region band rolls around. Everything goes about as expected for all the transportation, preparation, etc. I get to my room, where there’s a considerable amount of conversation going on. Looking around the room for familiar faces, I come to the conclusion that I was in the “easy” room (basically, 14 tubas make it. Being so many trying out, there are two rooms, half and half. 7 from each room advance to phase 2 where chair order in determined. The only flaw is the one room is usually better than the other, so that it’s inherently unfair, but wvr), though I would later discover that apparently the other room was the easy one. So, I do my stuff about how I expected, ie not bad, but plagued with the occasional finger fumble, and I listen to the other people.
28 signed up, 21 showed up, and about 10-12 had absolutely no business being there, other than to waste our time. They didn’t have the pieces up to 20 clicks within suggested tempo, stopped and started like crazy, missed pitches, missed rhythms, etc. So I figured I was in the top 9. After the audition, I felt vaguely confident, but was definitely in the “wanna-know-but-don’t-wanna-know”, so instead of being one of the hundred who desperately waited for results (pretty dam funny. so they post them on a window, just a piece of paper, and you can just watch as the mob of kids basically trample each other to see results. They even broke a table), I just played cards and sent Reuel to look for me. Just made me feel better that way. And so I learned that I had dodged the bullet, coming in #7, the last in my room who qualified for phase 2. w00t.
Go back this morning for phase 2, where I was strangely disappointed with the room. Last year, I had been absolutely dazzled by some serious tuba hauses who totally owned, yet that didn’t happen quite this year. I mean, they were obviously better than me, but it wasn’t what I was expecting. So me and matt lane (cinco tuba kid, good friend of JZ and therefore, me. made 7th in the other room) went in there with the “13th and 14th chairs so have our names written on them!”, though I was pleasantly surprised. I hopped 3 people and moved up to 10th. Go me.
And sorry for wasting your time if you don’t give a poop about region band.

One More Thing Out of the Way…

So I’m sure that most of you know that the AD district competition was this week (well, of the ppl who actually read this). It’s been pretty sucky, until today that is.
Pretty much the entire week was hardcore studying. We seemed to have a crazy amount of afterschool crap to do, and by the time that was done, I had to get home and study for a normal test (which turned out pretty okay as well). After doing that, I had to squeeze in AD time, ended up getting several hrs less sleep than normal every day, then waking up early to go into school a bit earlier to study for AD.
I’m still wondering why I did it, since we pretty much already knew the team, but I felt empowered ‘neways.
Well, we finally get to yesterday, when we have our speech and interview at mayde (details at As for myself, my interview was probably the crappiest thing that I’ve ever done. Since I’ve come to high school, I have never EVER been nervous about this type of stuff. Region band? Whatever. Romeo & Juliet? Just get it over with. But for once, I was actually pretty nervous, for reasons I still can’t figure out. I pretty much got owned on it, just like all the subjective tests (speech, interview, and essay), which are supposed to be score pullers, not droppers. Well, they ask me some questions, and it ends up on some pretty predictable topics, but they kept going back to “What are you doing after high school”, “Where are you going to college”, “How do you plan to research what you want to do”, blah blah blah. I pretty much went flat out honest (which I now know is a terrible thing to do; in an interview, lie. It’s for the best, really), which was “I honestly have not thought about it, so I don’t know”. Now that I think about it, I think they kept asking to give me another chance to answer it how they wanted, but I guess I wasn’t thinking about that at the time. I made a couple other minors mistakes (several umm’s, and I think one “like”), but that whole not knowing what to do with my life really hurt me.
Speech was interesting. If you haven’t heard my speech and happen to care ‘nething about human cognitive functions (I swear it’s much easier to understand than you think), I’ll recite it, but ya. So my speech is normally about in time (time requirement 3:30 to 4:00), even when I rush, since I normally rush. But apparently I was going superspeed at districts, even though I thought I was going slower, so I had to add on a fake sentence at the time to sneak in at 3:35. Then impromptu.
Impromptu is 3 unknown prompts (stuff like “What do you think is your greatest asset and why”, “If you could go back in time, where would you go”, or “What is the biggest problem int he world today”, but more specific) that I get to see and pick one of, and think about in 1 minute, then give a 1 1/2 to 2 min speech on it. I’m normally okay at it, managing at least to have a basic structure with relatively good fluency, but I completely blew it yesterday. There were 2 really stupid prompts, and then “Obese kids sue McD. Explain the social impact of this”, so I’m thinking, “okay, I can talk about our inability to take responsibility, our lack of willpower, our greed, how stupid americans look to other nations, etc”, and I had it all planned out in my mind. But I start talking, and I have absolutely no clue how to find the words I was looking for. I would say something like, “These children face the…. *10 sec pause*… osctracism” and so on. It was pretty darn terrible. But PAST the actual AD part of it, it was a blast in the room.
Today we had the written part of districts, which involves 7 tests in a row. Once again at Mayde, I felt that I had done less than I should have, guessing on way too many and so on, which bothered me a lot, but it ended up okay. When we got to SQ relay (the exciting part of AD where they put 5 consecutive questions up on an overhead and then you answer and get scored on the spot, then the next person on the team does the same), me and willie got lumped into the same round, both going 3/5, missing the same problems. I felt pretty good about that, since I only ended up reading half of that packet in my emergency studying during the past 2 weeks.
Well, we get back to the school, where the teachers announce the scores. David Neville totally owns, about 400 pts ahead of the next (sizable, but not THAT big; out of 10000), whom I was very proud of. Steven and Shashank are about 20 pts away from each other behind DNev, finishing out the honors spots. Me and Willie were about 200 pts behind them, with willie about 70 pts (basically nothing) behind me, both having the “alternate” spot (AKA do nothing). While I didn’t make the cut, I felt pretty good about it, scoring quite well for what I know was less than my best effort studying before. Fortunately, our team was quite congradulatory about it all, with none of the stupid drama and petty jealously that I know often plagues other organizations within the school. Kennan, Ankita, and Rodrigo (w/ Nick alternate) take the B spots, while Kosine, Alex, and Aseem made C team.
Perhaps I should be disappointed, having spent $75 and countless hours *cough cough* studying for this and worrying way too much, all for nothing, but I figure that I’ve gained something. I’ll be ready for next year.


Yes, a truly American holiday: Day After ThanksGiving Sale.
I find it interesting (and I talked about it with my mom and sister in the car) how it seems like this unofficial holiday almost trumps Christmas itself. I know that at least in my family (and according to various other ppl), Christmas is just the day. All the real gift-giving and such occurs way in advance, for you might as well go out and find the deal on what you want, get it, and get paid back for it. Doesn’t make good economical sense for someone to surprise you under the tree with something you either don’t want/spent too much on.
You know you’re in the US when the joy of frugality exceeds the joy of giving.
But I guess that’s the evolution of holidays. Even Thanksgiving itself is no longer truly about giving tahnks, but simply to ingest enormous amounts of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, etc. until filled for a 2-month hibernation (on a similar note, apparently turkey contains some chemical that actually causes us to become sleeping), and then watching football.
I’m not complaining at all; I delight in the festivities. I eagerly anticipated Thankgiving… so I could look at the ads in the morning for the sale. Waking up at 4:30 in the morning, I join my mom and sister in a yearly ritual to find the “best deal”. And I know I’m not alone in this thinking. Just ask ones of the hundreds of other ppl lined up outside of best buy, circuit city…
It was funny though, since my sister went to get a jacket at Kohl’s. I just slept in the car, but apparently there were some pretty vicious moms who literally trampled into the store for 50% toys.
So as far as my purchases went, I managed to HL2 (w00t) which I am quite excited about.
Wait, no. I didn’t get it; my sisters did, for me.

Gimme a break… Gimme a break….

And so I have received, and am loving it.
It’s kind of odd. School is out for a week, and the best thing I can/do do is study for AD and practice tuba. School is supposed to be the motivation to work, the motivation to study, and yet, I find more motivation when not in school to be working on stuff. Odd? Yes. Surprising? No.
We had a discussion about the education system during a Shellum discussion (yes, she had a minor “society sucks” rant), and it was interesting to actually talk to/with a teacher about the various failures of education. Usually that’s just students bitching around lunch, but apparently these sentiments reach a bit further than that.
It’s sad to see the anti-motivation of school. Instead of extending myself into a CS project, spending more time on AD, or practicing tuba more, I spend 8 hrs sitting in classrooms, enduring the distinctly uninspiring experience presented by my teachers and environment. Even in a great as class as Ferland’s, we sit around learning how to plug numbers into an equation. It’s algebra 1 word problems. In history, we get the wonderful experience of learning about American politics. Not so much is the focus on their way of life and society, but how the past war or social conflict affected the outcome of the next election. Instead of our teachers empowering us to go out and learn ourselves, we do (or don’t) it because we know that all it really means is a grade. We’re not that interested in what we’re doing; we care only for the glimmer of hope that our sufferings now will result in a more fufilling experience later.
All this would be fine if it didn’t have to happen. If we couldn’t learn more applicable things, if we couldn’t learn about things that we cared about for its own sake, it would be more endurable. So sad that it doesn’t work that way. Our education system is simply too fixated on teaching us things, not motivating us to learn things.
So the holiday season is kicking off, with stores getting ready for the shopping, decorations coming up, and launchcast playing the holiday tunes with greater frequency. It’s funny how much you can read of our society by our holiday seasons. A few years ago, all the rage was the tickle-me-elmo, an overpriced toy that brought an extremely limited time of enjoyment. Today: xbox 360. (and yes, I do think it’s part of microsoft’s scheme to destroy pc gaming)
Video games have made huge headway over the past couple years, to where people will line up a day in advance to buy a known overpriced device with only limited application. Just another “toy” that makes minor improvement over past devices of similar design, and yet will create the uproar of underproduction.
Perhaps it isn’t so revolutionary.
But I guess if they want to waste their money that way, who am I to stop them?

Don’t Worry, Keep your pants on

“What do we do now?” asked Jeffries, looking back up at Biggs . Jeffries had been Biggs’ handler for a wide variety of missions over the past years and constantly found himself asking that question.
Biggs paused for a moment, then kneeled over to begin searching the unconscious body. He rifled through the man’s pockets, which lacked all ID and his jacket, looking for more hidden pocket. Unsatisfied, he looked at the man’s face for a moment, then pushed back a lock of hair, revealing a listening device. Quickly, he crunched the tiny bug and tossed it in the trash.
“Well, we can now assume that whoever sent this man has been listening in, which puts us in a world of jeopardy. They’re probably coming right now in force, now that subterfuge has failed them, and we’re stuck in a tower. Any ideas?” he finished, taking a glance over at Jeffries for the first time.
“You’re the agent; what am I supposed to know?” he responded, wiping the sweat from his forehead.
“True. What we need is another way out. We can’t rely on American security, for we all know how good that is…” he scrunched his face up for a moment, then began cleaning up the mens’ room, tossing the body into a stall and closing the door. “Our best hope is disguise. Jeffries, please wait here a moment while I go acquire us some souvenirs.”
Jeffries stood in the mens’ room patiently, contemplating their current situation. He had seen Biggs get them out of tougher situations, but that didn’t stop him from worrying. In a moment, Biggs was back with two t-shirts. He began removing his blazer, shirt, pants, and socks, gesturing for Jeffries to do the same. Slipping on the t-shirt, he looked back in the mirror while Jeffries struggled with the last of his attire.
“I hope the ‘shoeless and boxers’ look is still ‘in’ in the US. Let’s go.”
“Wait, what do I do with my wallet and everything?” asked Jeffries before they could leave.
“Why in the world would you carry that around? Please tell me you never carry around real identification on you. Not after all these years,” he said with a sigh, turning around to look at the slightly embarressed man. “Well, no harm. Take you wallet and throw it under one of the toilets and pray for the honesty of the next man who sees it.

(yes, short, meaningless, but a good way to get back into it. Hopefully, I’ll be writing more soon)

Midday Report

So, it’s only 4:10 in the afternoon, but it feels like it’s 2 in the morning. I think I’m tired.
THSSO started again. Sadly, Kyung is now 3 chairs down; my new buddy is Naomi, who naturally isn’t as awesome, being white and all. The music is okay; just like all other orchestra music, you get some composers who hate tubas (AKA beethoven who doesn’t use them and Bizet who lets them rest for half the music, then play downbeats for rest), or some who appreciate the glory of the instrument like Dvorak. 4th movement New World is about all I have to look forward to as far as playing goes. I imagine that it’s going to be a long orch season. But Janda is back, so we’ve got some cover. Englemann may be a butt, but I think he fears being too rough on band kids because he fears Janda. Mebbe we’ll sound good this year because of that.
Worked 7 hrs today at the Mu Alpha Theta contest. I have more than enough hours for NHS now. It’s interesting what things you hear teachers say when in a relatively casual situation. You can get some pretty good dirt, which of course has to stay confidential. It wasn’t bad overall. 7 hrs to play games on the computer, do a little sorting, and screw around. I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t be able to finish hours. Most are blowoff ones anyways that, for one club or another, you have to be at ‘neways.
School sucks. I just thought I’d reiterate that. After losing tuesday to THSSO and House(yes, it’s that important), I come home on wed, extremely tired, and take a nap for about an hour, then read Grapes of Wrath until 11 at night. And get raped on both tests (but at least I passed; many can’t even say that much). I worried about that class again, which isn’t good. I was hoping that I’d have figured out Shellum by now, but clearly not so. Then again, if the Srs are still flunking tests, I don’t think I’m going to figure it out this soon.
The Masquerade Party was a bit of a disappointment. The acts were few, and not particularly inspired. For no apparent reason, somehow the tubas got 3rd in the food drive. I didn’t think we were a generous section, but there is a major advantage to being small. The Scavenger Hunt was interesting. Out of the 26 items, we had something for 23-24 of them. Afterwards, we realized we only had 8 real items… though we got credit for twice that much. While getting real items is important, it’s even more important to be able to fake… and even more important to be able to lie and trick the judges to pass them off.
Thanksgiving Break in one week!
And nerd football friday!