Friday Night with Nothing to Do…

Sad, isn’t it?
I was in the car, going home with a couple leeches as well, and I’m like, “Is something going on today? It’s Friday and I don’t have ‘nething planned.” So instead, I just took a nice 2 hour nap to push me through this night…
STAR WARS was awesome!!! (many thanks to bobby for)
I have never felt myself as loser as going to the midnight premiere; then doing homework in line. So ‘neways, I went with Garrett, Aditya, Neville, Willie, and Ryan to the 12:05 showing of Star Wars Episode 3: The Revenge of the Sith. Being in line was quite hilarious with all the people dressed up, ranging from Boba Fett to Darth Vader to a Jewish Rebel Pilot(ok, mebbe he wasn’t Jewish, but I swear his “helmet” looked like a skullcap) to a trashcan-looking R2. As I discovered, quite a few people I knew also attended, a non-surprising fact. Sipping a coke to keep myself up, I managed to stay fairly awake through the entire night, though I must say, coke runs through you REALLY fast, making the moobie a little uncomfortable after about the first 1/2 hr. In ‘ne case, it was pretty awesome. Lots and lots of fights, and very dark. Exactly what I was hoping for. On the otherhand, there were some really bizarre moments that really didn’t work, like the beginning, with “Kill him. Do it”(Fin moment!) to Vader’s cry of anguish that simply came off as hilarious. The script was none better-written this round, with absolutely terrible moments between Padme and Anakin (though Hayden might also be partly to blame). Time didn’t make a heck of a lot of sense either as usual. And people just died left and right real quick(It was outta control!). Past that, I think they tied up a lot of loose ends with this moobie, and I figure that a majority of the community was satisfied with it(which is more than I can say for I & II).
After going to sleep at 4, Thurday wasn’t half as bad as I thought it’d be. I guess it’s okay to pull one of those every once in awhile, though sucks to be you who does it every night…
Exams started with a humongous confidence booster in English, perhaps the biggest joke ever. Vocab was easy(as to be predicted), quotes were few, MC were pretty predictable, and the essays… will go unread ‘neways. So for all those who have Helmcamp, don’t worry a bit(if it means ‘nething, even Athena “claimed” to be okay with it, so ya). Heard History was a joke too, straight from the review, so that one should be fine. I’m still worried about chem, though. I’ve got 91, 88, 92, so I have to do pretty darn well to hang on. Exempting both Monday and Tues morning, so I get to sleep in then… what’s up with exams being easy?


He quietly opened the door to the “Bunny Cradle”, attempting to make as little disturbance as possible. The smoke filed his nasal cavity, blessing him with the smell of cigarettes instead of the B.O. of many unshowered men. Pool balls knocked together, mugs were clunked around, and music played above all other sounds. Wondering what he would find here, Dixon sauntered over to the bar, taking a seat isolated from the others.
“What can I get for ya?” the bartender called over his shoulder while cleaning out one of the mugs.
“Prune juice. Warm, not chilled,” he responded smuggly.
The bartender stopped for a moment, then turned toward him, embers burning in his eyes. “How dare you bring your sorry butt in here and order something like that! You come to an honorable estab-“
CRACK, cried the baseball bat as it collided with the back of an unsuspecting man’s head, ensuing into another bar fight.
The bartender paused again. “Okay, whatever, need to get rid of it ‘neways,” he finished, moving into the stockroom to grab the unopened crate.
“Mr. Dills, I’m surprised to see you back here again,” called out a familiar voice from behind him.
Dixon turned as Mr. Knuckles greeted him as well.

Down by the Water…


“Ah, Mr. Jones,” Dixon replied curtly as the men around him moved closer, bats in hand. “I would greatly prefer it if you removed the mask,” he continued, gesturing to the tall man’s face.
“Ah, yes, about that,” he returned, slowly pulling it off. “So when are you planning on joining the community baseball team? I’ve been waiting for a reply for awhile.”
“I’m on a case right now, so I’ll have to give you a rain-check. Sorry about it.”
They slowly began walking down the street, chatting about news and such. Fortunately, a team of baseball players with bats in hand was enough to keep the thieves and muggers away.
“Well, as much as I’ve enjoyed this,” Dixon said later, “I really need to figure this case out. I’ll call you when I have time.”
The tall man nodded, and Dixon took the nearest cab to head down to the docks.

The docks were a savage place for only the toughest of men, bravest of all, and darkest of skin(sorry). For as dangerous as the streets of Webster were, no law enforcement officer dared go near the docks. A hive of corruption and danger, the docks held almost every major crime organization in town. Along with the only “Sears”.
The sun had not set, but the roads seemed dark regardless. The smell of the ocean, the cries of the seagulls, and the taste of garbage around gave the greatest warning any could need to stay away, but Dixon was unafraid.
He had his membership card in his pocket.
“Yo, whachu trying to pull?” said a random gang member as Dixon walked up.
“I’ve got my card in my pocket,” he quickly responded, pulling it out and showing him.
The man inspected it carefully in his grimy hands. “Looks alright to me. But you better watch yourself,” he hinted, lowering his voice. “The Blue Clams are looking to start trouble. I’d stay in Vaseline Razer town, if I were you.”
“Do you know where I can find the nearest Bar on 5th street? I’m actually kind of thirsty,” he asked offhandedly.
“Bunny Cradle. Can’t miss it,” he responded. Dixon gave him a quick nod and headed in that direction, not noticing those in his shadow.

Mid-day Report

Well, I normally update at night, but since STAR WARS is tomorrow, I’ll need all the sleep I can get. And a band concert.
Star Wars is going to be ten-billion times way too awesome to describe (kudos to Bobford for the tickets, too). I actually get to go with 5 of my buddies and see a midnight premiere for one of the biggest cultural spectulars ever. I’m pumped, even in the middle of review week. All the little spoilers and stuff I’ve heard have just been building my anxiety. It’s going to be flipping awesome…
So school sucks. Reviews suck, teachers who make you do reviews for exempted finals suck, teachers who go over a review all class period in a class that you’re exempting suck. Fortunately, I think I’m pretty safe in all of my classes. None of my exams are predicted to be hard since: English, I got over 100 last semester; Band, Whatever; W. Hist, Mo got a 90 last semester, and my grades are quite good this semester; Fin, my only vaguely close class, is a apparently ridiculously easy final(and he bumps); CS, the biggest joke ever (I’ll bet ‘neone $5 that the Animal-Dog-Cat-Lizard inheritance thingie will be on the final, and the class A and class B extends A super calls will be on it). On a different note, the H drive in CS was down yesterday(and this morning). If you haven’t heard, well basically, the H drive is a 203 GB drive that holds all of the CS accounts across KISD, and usually, we’ve got tons of room on it to work with. Well yesterday, we seemed to have difficulties saving, etc. to it during 7th, so we check to see we have a whopping 5 MB left(it fluctuated; said 0 bytes at one point). I came to the conclusion that some CS 3 Senior in 6th period (*cough* John *cough*) wrote a “fill program” that basically makes a lot of folders and a lot of files on someone’s H drive to fill it up. I actually still don’t know if that was the case, but it was fixed by today, so whatever… it’s dumb things like this that I think will eventually get all of our CS permissions revoked(if you don’t know, CS kids actually have more authority than teachers; they can’t install stuff along with other blah). CS kids can basically do whatever the heck they want.
Well, in ‘ne case, I gotta go to the band concert soon *ugh*. I’ll write the story sometime later.

The Beginning of the End

Sophmore year is almost over, and as much as I want it to end, I regret that it will so soon. I told myself at the beginning of high school that I would be living the best 4 years of my life next, and that all the drama and homework and whatever would be something great to look back on. Mebbe I do wish to go back to being a fish, mebbe I did enjoy the little(but existant) punishment I got. Well, there’s always next year to look forward to, and mebbe I’ll learn to appreciate it a little more.

So I went in to take my credit by exam this morning. All in all, it really wasn’t that bad. Think I had a good chance – until I saw the heart diagram. “Hmm, don’t ‘member this being really important…” I dunno, I was under the impression it was going to be all multiple choice on stuff like, “what are the stages of development” or “what drug do you get cannabis from” or “what is the most effective way to prevent STDs” or “what segment of the population is *disease* most common in”, but instead I get a nice little Biology/Anatomy diagram. Without a word bank 🙁 I actually think I could’ve done extremely well on that section too if I had changed two things: 1)I knew that the diagram had left on right, vice versa(‘membered that much), but I couldn’t ‘member if it was ventricle on top or atrium on top. Oops… 2) The word “Vena cava”. I stuck the pulmonary artery in the wrong place ‘neways, so I think the ONLY thing I got right was the “aorta”. Unfortunately, the heart parts were worth a total of 10 pts, and you need to get a 90 or above to get credit… Bones were miraculous though. All in all, I only forgot the scapula(shoulder blade), ulna/other one(lower arm), and the pelvis(bonus pts for the person who can name the pelvis; leave a comment). Even though it wasn’t that bad, I know I’m not getting credit. Looks like I’ll do correspondance sometime later…

Star Wars is coming up this week, and thanks to the extreme generousity of Bobford, I’ll be going with 5 of my buddies at 12:05 at night(My mom’ll take us there at around 9, fyi guys). W00t for not sleeping befoere my first exam! I’ve heard it’s pretty flipping awesome though. Lots and lots of fights. Other than that is all spoilers. ITS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!!

I did a large majority of my Fin review in one sitting, which I’m extremely proud of. Quite interesting what a quick review will do. In chemistry, at least. I’m on, like, 5 on the Holycross review – which is going to suck majorly. Damn her for making me do it, even though I’m exempting…

A good afternoon is not having a dead broad on your office floor.
Today was not a good afternoon.
One of the secretaries came rushing in, a horror covering her face.
“Oh my stars!” she exclaimed, hand over mouth, eyes as wide as a whale.
“Yeah, that stain’ll be a pain to remove from the carpet,” I responded, checking to see how deep the blood had stained.
The secretary ran back out, which I had hoped was to call the cops. I needed answers.
And stain remover.
I checked and found the bullet wound just above her left temple, piercing straight into her brain. I shook my head, disappointed at another lost life at my hands. I searched her, looking for any clues to her existance, but she had no identification, nothing that could tell me anything. I knew there had to be a lead, something that could tell me something and lead me from this mysterious enigma before me. I checked her pockets once more, then again, hoping that I had missed that important clue, and that it still lay there.
“The police are coming,” the secretary told me, poking her head just past the doorframe. Glancing in her direction, I gave her a quick nod, and she disappeared back to where she came from.
No good mystery starts without a lead. Then again, maybe my lead was waiting for me somewhere else.
After the cops had arrived, after I had cleared up the situation, after I had cleaned up my carpet, I took my coat and went for a walk.

The Webster streets are a dangerous place, a poorly kept part of town. Slums exist in every doorway, crime runs rampant in the alleys, and no one who lives here doesn’t have a story to tell. The disorganized streets are a haven for those who wish to disappear and make a living without one.
I knew one man who might help me, one man who had all the answers, one man who just might give me that lead.
I walked into the bakery, inhaling the aroma of “Papa’s Bread”. I catiously walked over to the counter, checking for spies, yet trying to maintain my facade.
“Daniel, finish the baguettes right away! I cannot afford to lose my top customer just because someone sneezed in the first batch and had to start over!”
I chuckled at the menacing voice coming from the back, a deep Italian accent for a large man. I stood at the counter, awaiting his return.
“Ah, Dixon, my top customer,” he spewed, sauntering back over to the counter. “What can I get for you today?”
“Ah, Mr. Papa,” I started, iniating the code sequence. His countenance suddenly changed as he glanced at all the tables, then resuming his act, picking up a glass to clean.
“How are the chickens, Mr. Dills?” he responded, quickly picking up the lingo.
“They are just fine, but my third hen lay a broken egg this morning. I was wondering if you could stop it from happening again,” I quickly responded. You don’t get sent to four years at detective schools to not know this stuff.
“Well, what name does this hen go by? I hear that the name is important.”
“She is Betty, and it happened right after I rang the bell.”
His eyes suddenly flashed sorrow as he turned his back to me, replacing the glass and picking up another. “You might want to check the Bull’s Barn, the fifth stall. You might find some more hay there for more padding.”
I nodded my head as he handed me a baguette, which I kindly took for free as I turned to leave his shop.
I wondered as to what I would find at the Docks, but I knew that Papa wouldn’t fail me. I closed the door behind me when I noticed several figures around me.
“We’ve been waiting Mr. Dills; I’ve been waiting for this,” said the tallest one.

Another Day in the Life

Okay, drug testing is screwy; I’ve gotten tested twice in two weeks. So stupid… if I wasn’t doing drugs last week, what’s the chance I will be this week? Meh, I heard some kid got tested 4 times this year. And the water is disgusting. They say, “o, it’s bottled water”, but they also say “you can’t drink your own water, you gotta drink our water that tastes like crap”. And they don’t drink the water; Youngblood and the guard have bottles. Hmm… no hw allowed either; guess so ppl don’t take advantage of it and camp out in there to study. It feels like I’m going to prison or something.
Well, I played my audition today, first person in both the scale and etude room, getting it over with. Scales were mad awesome, watched as Hobie wrote down the numbers(lost a total of about 5 pts off it), but etude and sightreading were crap. Sightreading was most definitely hell; it’s looks so easy, but after you screw up the first time, you’re screwed for the rest of it, so… and I had to start the second part of my etude over again, after about 2 measures… I think I’m pretty safe though, ‘neways, it was a low-pressure audition. Which was actually kind of nice, because I know a lot of ppl are really worried about band placement next year. Haha, fools…
Pulled through on another Fin test; got an 88(which seemed to be pretty common; 4 MC missed) and all 6 bonus, raising my 6 weeks avg about 1-2 pts. Oh, and Fin told this joke, leave a comment if you get it(cuz I sure as hell don’t):
“So this was this Eskimo fishing, and he had been fishing for a couple hours without luck. Then, this Eskimo kid sits down beside him, cuts a hole in the ice, puts his bait on, drops his line, and pulls out a fish. Now, this guy has been here for awhile, so he’s all “How did you do that?”, but the kid just sits there and stares at him. So the guy goes back to fishing when he sees the kid’s line drop, then come up with another fish. He’s pretty POed now, so he says, “How in the world did you do that?” Well, the kid just kind of stares back at him again, not saying ‘nething. So the guy says, “Alright, well no way you can do that a 3rd time.” Well, the kid drops his line, and does it again. The guy is really mad now, so he throws down his line and yells, “HOW THE HECK DID YOU DO THAT?” The kid opens his mouth and says, “Keep your worms warm.””
Alright, so the kid had the worms in his mouth… how is that funny? Fin’s all “You guys think on it.” You know, I wouldn’t be half-surprised if “keep your worms warm” had some sexual connotation – Fin is so dirty… David’s voice cracked when he was giving an answer in Fin, as well. We laughed, and Mr. Fin just stood there for a second and smiled at him…
School is so ready to be over, I’m so tired of the year. Crazy, I took a nap yesterday, and I took a nap today, even though I have X amount of review stuff(Holycross is such a bli-atch)…

“Well, you’ve come to the right place,” I said in my smoothest, most nonchalant voice. “Take a seat, make yourself comfortable,” I continued, propping my feet back up, stretching out my long legs, and running my hand through my hair.
“Thank you,” she responded politely, moving toward the chair, grasping it with her velvet gloves, then adjusting herself in the seat. “Well, see my husband, he-” she paused for a moment. Damn, all the good women are taken! “Well, see, my husband, he’s been involved in a lot of ‘incidents’, and I think our lives are in danger. I don’t have any real proof, but it always feels like there’s someone in the shadow, like, like-“
“Like you’re being followed?” I finished, casting my eyes up to the ceiling, pulling the pipe out of my desk and lighting it without glancing back at it. She nodded, and I imagine that she had a very concerned countenance at that moment, though I couldn’t look through her veil; not like I cared. I learned it was never worth it to get even remotely emotionally involved in a case. Until you know how padded their pocketbook is, of course.
“Could you do something about that?” She kind of looked at me funny, and I just kind of looked back. “Well, I don’t really know what I’m asking for,” she interjected, breaking the awkwardness. “I don’t even know if you can help. I just thought-“
“You know, I’ve done hundreds of cases,” I said wistfully “and I know exactly how they all begin. Just like that.” I gestured with my pipe at her, moving my eyes back to the ceiling. “I can do it. But it’s going to cost you; my usual ra-“
Just then, a series of loud pops went off behind me, breaking the serenity of the moment, shattering the window behind me and tearing the blinds. I felt a searing pain and quick air just above my shoulder. Instinctively, I immediately pulled my gun out of my hidden holster, falling to a position behind my desk. The firing abruptly stopped, and I catiously poked my head up to see where it had come from, but my assailants had fled. I was quite angry about another attack on my life, but even more perturbed that they had forced me to drop (and possibly damage) a perfectly good pipe. I sighed, reholstering my gun, vaguely satisfied that I was still alive.
“Could’ve been worse,” I commented as I turned to look at my guest.
“Aww hell…”

First time for Everything…

Well, I never thought I’d ACTUALLY make one of these, but you know how it is… I read so many, and I mean, it’s a reciprocal type thing, right? So ‘neways, we’ll see how it goes. Like most, I’ll probably post like mad for awhile until I get bored(or realize no one is ACTUALLY reading it) of it, which is when it’ll slowly die away and disappear…
So what makes a good blog? Good question… well posting often helps, but I always find it amusing to take a greater glimpse into someone’s life who you actually wouldn’t know from talking to them. Then again, ppl do do stuff that mebbe I don’t want to know…
I’m feeling more and more teenager every day. Everyone always thinks they’re special, but in reality, certain rules of behavior will always predict it. Bedtime has been getting later, hw is getting pushed off, I’m writing things like this, and the drama… OMG the drama! It’s “out of control” (“calm yourself”). When even the likes of DNev and Willie and Petri are in there, you know something is wrong. Thought that group would be immune to drama, but oh no. Someone had to make it complicated(ahem)…
‘Neways, I was getting a ride home from Connor, and he’s like, “I don’t know how I get my reputation other than that ONE thing…” Gee, Connor, how about when you only realized halfway through the ride that you couldn’t read the street signs and needed to put your glasses on? What an idiot… and he was trying to justify what he did on the bus… though he isn’t a bad driver, I’ll give him that much. Other than the glasses. And I left my music in his car, then later called him to bring it tomorrow. See if he ‘members to do that…
If you haven’t talked to SmarterChild, you should; it’s actually quite amusing. I was trying to inquire about how it interpreted syntax/semantics, but it has an interesting “security system” AKA poorly programmed responses that prevented me from learning ‘nething. Past being able to talk to a computer, I had quite a bit of fun playing the trivia games. Always interesting stuff you can learn…

It was a late afternoon, one of those afternoons where you have the taste of lunch’s pastrami just sitting in your mouth, slowly growing more and more foul as it turns to gingivitis. It had been a slow day in the office, no visitors, no mail, no mystery. I always hated days like that, because you knew that somewhere something was happening that needed to be fixed. If only I had the motivation to get up and fix it instead of letting someone come to me.
I counted the number of lace crosses on my shoes as my feet sat propped up on my desk, staring straight up to the ceiling with those toes that so desperately needed clipping. I had played with my fedora for what seemed like an eternity. Every sound that passed in the hallway excited me, a possibility for a new case to be presented, yet each echoed away in silhouettes just as they came. I had counted the number of ceiling tiles 42 times when I heard the doorknob clink as it turned. Immediately at attention, I dropped my feet, pulled out my pen, and looked hard at the grocery list on my desk, slowly raising my head as my visitor came in.
She was beautiful.
Yet mysterious.
“Hello, are you Mr. Dixon Dills?” I slowly nodded my head at the anonymous figure at the door, wondering why she didn’t just read it off the door. “I’m Betty Belle, and I need your help…”