New Year's Goals

Retain More of What I Learn

In my last two posts, I reviewed how I did on my hobby goals of tabletop gaming and cooking. Now I’m left with my two less leisurely goals. Retain More of What I Learn When I wrote this goal, I didn’t know how I was going to accomplish it. I felt like I had sought […]

food New Year's Goals

Cook Without a Recipe

In my last post, I started reviewing my 2019 goals with the easiest one: playing more games. I’m continuing this trend from easy to hard by reviewing my cooking goal. Cook without a recipe once a week

New Year's Goals tabletop games

Play Tabletop Games in the Community

Prior to last year, I reviewed my goals in the same post as I shared my new goals in. Last year, I had too much to say about my past goals that I had to split it a review post and a goal declaration post. This year, I have so much to say about each […]


Just Eating a Sandwich

My stomach rumbled right on cue as the clock struck noon: it was lunchtime. I was home (still in my pajamas, of course), but lunch was already ready. Since Julie was eating at the office, I had already made her sandwich (delivered in a ziplock bag) and my sandwich (sitting on a plate covered in […]


My Second Smartphone

Six years ago, I upgraded from my flip phone to an iPhone 5s. Since then, I have taken almost 4000 photos, received directions on hundreds of trips, and viewed endless reddit posts on Alien Blue and the official Reddit app. I learned how to text, and the form factor was comfortable to hold and carry.

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Forgetting How To Throw

My largely unsuccessful childhood sports career started when I was 6 or 7 on the baseball diamond. I was a year too late for tee ball, and at that age, we pitched to our own team. Typically in baseball, the opposing pitcher is trying to get the ball past the batter so they don’t get […]

tabletop games

7 Simple Rules for DMing my Teenage Players

I’m currently DMing 4 campaigns right now, and although the games are different, the groups are pretty similar. They are all biweekly or monthly for between 3 to 5 players who are mostly in their 20s and 30s with some roleplaying experience. I love running for all of them, but because I’m hooked on tabletop […]

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Skating Off Ice

I appreciate that the Bay Area has no seasons: I don’t have to shovel snow to get out the front door, and I don’t have to hide from mosquitos. However, no winter also means that no ice skating season, and after going a handful of times this past year, I was starting missed skating and […]


Finding the Best Impossible Burger

I love the Impossible Burger. I advertise it on this blog. I recommend it to my coworkers. I have taken every member of Julie’s immediate family to try it. On those grounds, I would consider myself a super-fan except that I have met an even greater fan. My friend Alex, in 2 weeks, ate 10 […]


No More Milk Pail

For the last few years, Julie and I have kept roughly the same routine for grocery shopping. On the weekend, we plan our meals for the week, assemble our shopping list in our shared Reminders list on our phones, then go shopping. Typically, we would first go to the Milk Pail, a local European-style market, […]